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Vivian Pedley and Adrian Frost, both Cornish born artists, began their collaboration in 2015. Adrian had been working on "The Furies" for some time previously.

The Furies is based on the Greek Erinyes. It is a poetic canto/film script that combines the mythical deities of past civilizations with a group of contemporary nefarious refugees hanging out in Lowkey's (Loki's) bar, beneath the bridge at the edge of the Styx. Most of the stories are related by Scumbag, Adrian's Alter(ed) ego ,who foolishly believes he is omniscient, but is in fact manipulated by Aphrodite and the rest of the cast.

"I met the artist Vivian Pedley online. He read my cantos and responded not with an illustration, but with an improvisation. The charge of creativity was mutual. His drawing of some of the characters and situations of Furies caused me to spontaneously write verse in return. The bravery and passion of his imagery helped charge my verse. It has been a most delightful, and exciting collaboration".



Although the collaboration has been intense, the pair have never met, with one based in Arkansas, USA, the other in the UK. 

Adrian Frost is a film maker, painter, poet, sculptor, multimedia, installation and performance artist.

It's cinema verite in black 'n
White and in tones thru black 'n
It's the mad bad beautiful Monk two-fingering
Plying the pentatonic scales / brilliant blurring black digits plinking  / burnished with
Moonlight white ivories
Naked at the Steinway streets and interior shots of Harlem drift in and
Threaded with aerial view shot between steep gorge River running wreathed in
Chiaroscuro ripple of sun dappled black and white the last bubbles the last
Of Scumbag's coffin smoothed out dispersed in the rising mist of the mourning morning
Down down down we go deep in the bottom of the endless
Dark dark darker it gets gallons gallons down
There's a twist there's a turn there's an inkling a pulse of a
Monk is playing a monk possessed hitting those keys like cardiac
Flipping the time chasing the rapidly expiring more


Scumbag and Iscariot Blindfolded Playing

Cassandra sings

.... and when you close this 
Box this 
Hope chest this 
And throw it into the Styx 
Oh You oh Easy Cum Easy 
Goes. And You oh cash handed Prophet of 
Loss. And You oh light (fingers) at the end of every  
Tunnel. And You, two black and white 
Twins. False Truths and Honest
An You Reaper Most
Wasuregig wats your intention where the fuck are 
When it counts counts counts number number number. No, not 
Numerology! Number! Number yourselves among the

The withered, the unconscious, the perversely deaf, the self satisfied 
The supremely ignore rent

And You, you who is in the 
Pay attention to the the decision of 
And the plummet of the balance according to its more

Pina Bausch, Guantanamo.jpg

The great bag of scums is asleep

Dirty bedraggled at the foot of Aphrodite's unmade 
Camper bed on the window shelf facing east 
Is a half eaten ham on wry sandwich the yellow 
Blotch of mustard an aching stain below the raising roseate 
Glow of dawn 

Are you young are you old are you cowardly are you 
Do you have dingle or do you have 
What's a girl to do the damn scripts bin 

Aphrodite's singing while putting on eye makeup

In the trailer's tight and drab 
A trick awaits, she leaves a note .... oh great bag of the scums 
I'll be back, food in the fridge love Aphro 

Next to the sandwich is a carton of engine oil a pack of Trojan condoms

Some Band-aids a broken chocolate bar a candle in a black

Glass Madonna container and some sage more

The Styx Millennial Festival of Perditio
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